From The Desk Of Nancy…

Thanks to all of Layne’s fans, world-wide, who participated in events to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of his passing. You all gave his family, friends and fans a reminder of just how much he is still loved.

Every year, I receive many emails from adoring fans, and your sincere words of comfort for my family and they touch us deeply.

“Sing For Layne” was a unique event, and a meaningful one, in remembering and honoring Layne and his many accomplishments as the lead singer & front-man of Alice In Chains. His voice, and lyrics continue to encourage, save and heal. How wonderful to have an opportunity to sing for Layne, as he did for us!

The tribute in Milano-Rozzano, Italy was extremely special as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you, all. Musicians, Adam Payne and Jonny Smokes, and bands: Sandflower; Stuntbox; Mudshine; and Neodea donated their time, heart, and talent. A special thank you to my friend, Pino, for all of his time, effort, hard work and dedication in creating the team that managed this international event. Proceeds from this concert were donated to Layne Staley Memorial Fund at Therapeutic Health Services (THS), Seattle, Washington.

Seattle radio KISW played Layne’s and Alice in Chains’ music all day and night!
The Kidd Chris Show, Project 96, WKLS radio in Atlanta did a telephone interview in Layne’s honor. It went well, and I appreciate that it wasn’t cut-and-pasted to suit a time slot or someone’s agenda.

Just knowing that Layne is still so highly cared-for, world-wide, keeps me grounded. It is fair to say that those who were touched by his lyrics, voice and music, are a daily personal tribute to Layne and the love that is felt for him. Always remember that his words are heartfelt, personal, and a gift to you.

But wait…it’s not over! Plans have been worked out for Layne Staley Tribute 2012, August 24th, 25th, & 26th, in Seattle. Three nights, 3 cover bands, celebrating Seattle’s best: (AIC /Mad Season (Jar of Flies); Soundgarden & Temple of the Dog (Outshined); and Pearl Jam (Vitalogy).

Thank you, everyone, for continuing to make this a wonderful Tribute Year!

Cheers to you!
Nancy Layne McCallum , & family

“Will you know my name…?” -Eric Clapton

“Someday, I want to dance with Layne in Heaven. Will he know it’s me?” -NLM