Dental Tips

Daily vitamin

Use a soft adult toothbrush.

Brush in gentle circles over gums, tongue, cheeks, roof-of-mouth, and teeth morning and night.

Finish by gargling with a non-alcoholic mouthwash.

A mouthwash of warm salt water will kill flu viruses which multiply in the throat on their way to the lungs.

Lightly wipe the inside of your nostrils with a light salt solution on the end of a cotton swab.  Stop flu viruses that multiply in the sinuses heading to the respiratory (breathing) system.

Floss every night, and after meals if necessary.  Floss can be doubled, and a knot put in the middle to remove food from larger gaps.  The discreet (i.e. in the restroom) use of a wood toothpick helps during the day.


See the dentist for an annual cleaning.


Check with recovery centers, public schools, clinics and hospitals for contact information for dental assistance in your community.

Musicares sponsors periodic dental clinics for musicians.

Some dentists do a bit of pro-bono (free) work.

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