Nutrition and Hydration…an integral part of recovery

Food for thought:

The word “diet” is Greek and means “a way of life”.

Hydrate throughout the day. There is water in everything. No gulping. Think of every cell like a little goldfish that needs to swim freely in and be able to process fresh water.

Power drinks just slam you w/caffeine and sugar, and can actually cause thirst. Some containers are actually double servings. Read the label…read the label…read the label.

If a label states more than 3 gm of sugar per serving, it’s too sugary.

Daily multi–vitamin. Adequate levels of vitamin C. Sunshine for 10 minutes a day provides adequate vitamin D…a must!

Protein (eggs, meats, poultry, fish, nuts and nut butters) with every meal and snack
If you’re “starving” eat some cheese.

Meal amounts no bigger than your fist (eat more often, 6 small meals instead of 3 large meals)

Eliminate sugars other than fresh fruit.

Salt craves sugar/sugar craves salt, and sugar holds fat.

Switch from white to brown breads, rice, & pastas. Whole grains. No multi–grains (requires both sets of amino acids to work over–time and causes exhaustion). No wheat except Spelt, which is an old–world and non–hybridized grain. It hasn’t been tampered with.

Eat organic and fresh foods around the edges of the store (ie, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh dairy, fresh meat). Avoid the aisles. It is cost–effective to eat organically, since you can eat a bit less. Organics have from ⅓ to ⅔ fewer chemical additives. Do you want to pay for good food now, or bad health later?

Drink green tea.

No sodas.

No/low/moderate caffeine

Non-hydrogenated oils

Fish in moderation (you can overdo omega-3s). No Thai fish! (The fishermen are being abducted and forced into slave labor because of a tremendous demand for product that the local fishermen cannot meet).

No food within 2–3 hours prior to bed (except maybe a tiny, mild snack to keep from going to bed hungry).

Dark leafy green vegetables, raw or lightly steamed…yeah!

Don’t chew gum in place of eating. It gives your brain the false message to produce digestive juices.

Before digestion takes place, brain chemistry takes place.

Herbs and spices add nutrition without calories.

Our purpose in eating is not only to add nourishment to the body, but to instruct the brain in what is good for it.

Don’t replace a nice meal with a drink, protein or otherwise. We may have advanced brains, but our bodies have parts that need to be used or they atrophy. Teeth, gums, tongue, throat muscles, and all of the digestive organs need to be exercised.

Have a I whetted your appetite for further research?

Hope this helps