“I am responsible for my reaction to others behaviors.” Jenna B.

Cody speaks:

For starters, simply speaking, if it is even a question of whether you're an addict or not, it's a good chance you are…

We are going to provide you with resources, how to obtain resources, and how to know if you're suffering from the disease of addiction. Remember, it is not only you who suffers. Addiction has a great impact on family members, spouses, friends, employers, employees, co-workers and others. That's something we drug addicts do not consider while using! We cannot be sure how other states provide funding, treatment, and support services. Help is available! If you are a drug addict reading this, or a concerned family member or friend, feeling there's no hope, please follow these suggestions. This is what has been keeping me clean since July 3rd, 2002.

Put the pride down and surrender yourself to get the full benefits of treatment.

Contact your nearest Department of Social and Health Services to find out their programs. Be patient, it can be a process. Don't hesitate to tell them your problems – if you're a full-blown drug addict, tell them – don't sugarcoat anything. The more they know the more they can help.

Please… please… please… get in touch with a 12-step program. Click on the links below to find one in your area. They have been helping people stay clean and sober for many, many years -including me-, and all the other recovering drug addicts I know. This is very important!

Get in touch with other recovering drug addicts. They will help you through this process. You can find them at any 12-step meeting. Remember, there are people who have been right in your position and gotten help. It comes back to the surrender thing… it can save your life!!!

Remember, this is not just a phase you're going through, this is a disease! Addiction is classified as a disease for these reasons: it's a progressive illness; there is treatment available; there is no known cure; and it will kill you if not treated.

It is not advisable to trade one drug for another. In a drug addicts' mind, we make it ok; but in a recovery sense, it's just an excuse.

I hope these will help you get started in hope for recovery, hope for a loved ones' recovery, or hope for a friends' recovery.

Thank you, Cody
Recovering Drug Addict

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